Food Love


An Ode to Nachos

Dear Nachos, How can you possibly be so delicious? Sure, I get it, you’re covered in cheese but lots of things are covered in cheese and (while I do love a good cheese-smothered-dish) it’s just somehow not the same. Please don’t ever change. Or do, but only in delicious and […]

Breakfast Bread Pudding

  To me Black Friday is a day for taking it easy. I’m so over the over-consumerism. I love seeing companies like REI closing their doors on Black Friday and shaking up the cycle a bit. I’m staying in and eating some breakfast bread pudding. If you’re interested the full […]



  Looking for another easy dessert to take a place next to the pumpkin and pecan pies? Here is a holiday dessert that can’t go wrong. I learned how to make Scotcheroos when I worked in my bakery job and quickly fell in love with them. Life hint: goes perfectly […]