You Noble and Poetic Land Mermaid

    In honor of fall and turning over new leaves and sassy quotes and National Novel Writing Month and getting your groove back, I made some fun journals. When I left for my sabbatical, I felt creatively depleted. I had neglected my soul for far too long and it […]

A Slew Of Sassy Notebooks


LA Love

    I’m officially back in LA, friends. So I thought I’d take a small break from travel remeniscences and halloween excitement to ponder the things I love about California. I lived in California for a bit as a kid and fell in love with the sheer cliffs and foggy […]

Halloween Countdown: Costume Time

  It’s Halloween costume brainstorming time! Last year I copied Louise Belcher and went as her bunny-eared version of Edward Scissorhands from the Bob’s Burgers epsidoe, “Full Bars”. The best costumes are cheap and this one only cost me a favor from a crocheting sister (for the ears) and two […]


zombie cookbook

The Art of Eating Through the Zombie Apocalypse

I write book reviews too. This fantastic cookbook is a guide to surviving the looting, riots and food shortages of the zombie apocalypse. Author Lauren Wilson teaches you everything from survival-style alcohol brewing to a fantastic “Choose Your Own Grilled Cheese Adventure” in which grilled cheese recipes are thoughtfully paired […]